Have questions? Feedback? Need to contact us for support?
We will have support platform up and running in the near future. In the meantime please contact us via email at:
support (at) reblogme.com

Few frequently asked questions

Is there an App for Android / Apple devices?
Yes! Both can be found on relative stores. We are constantly updating them as well.

Can I create sub blogs? (Another blogs for the same account)
Absolutely, you can create as many sub blogs as you want

Can I change my blog name?
Sure can! That can be done on settings page which you can access either via top menu or directly here in case you are logged in.

I want to report content
If possible, please use the reporting system in the posts. Every post has report feature either via flag (App) or "Report" under the hamburger (3 lines) menu.

Site's not loading correctly for me, what to do?
contact us with your blog name and email you registered with so we'll get it fixed for you!

Can I import my tumblr blog to your site?
Not at the moment. We are looking into various options of doing so though and will announce any possibilities we can figure out!

I was banned, why so?
Your blog contained material which breaks our Terms.

We can look into it and re-evaluate the ban on most cases though, if you'd like us to do so please contact us.

Message Sent!
Thank you for contacting us. We get back to you shortly!